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Royals Come Back, But Then Lose Anyway To Mariners

I try not to criticize Trey Hillman too much. He's really only a very very small part of the problem here. Nevertheless... what... the... hell... is... this?

Bottom 8th: Kansas City

- M. Lowe relieved B. League
- B. Butler flied out to right
- J. Guillen struck out swinging
- A. Callaspo singled to shallow right center
- A. Gordon ran for A. Callaspo
- J. Kendall grounded out to shortstop

With the Royals set to send Yuni Betancourt (career .277/.300/.393 hitter) and Willie Bloomquist (career .263/.318/.331 hitter) up shortly, why do you burn Gordon to pinch run there?

I'm hoping that it comes out postgame that Callaspo tweaked a hammy running to first or something. If not, I have absolutely no idea what Trey Hillman was thinking. None.

What can't they mismanage?