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Rays Absolutely Destroy Royals

I think someone just doubled to right again.

  • This may come as something of a surprise, but I don't terribly mind Guillen getting a start in right field. As long as it's just a random thing, whether to make Guillen happy or give one of the other outfielders a day off, I don't really mind it.
  • Hochevar seems to have really run into a buzzsaw tonight, and having Jose in the outfield probably didn't help much. Hoch is giving up over a hit an inning, and although some of that is the Royal defense (especially the infield) he's also been non-credited, if you get my meaning, with three un-earned runs already this season. I don't know, I guess all we can really do is just hope for better results next time. What's the alternative? There's nothing to play for this season.
  • I love Soria appearances in games like this. Yes, I actually do understand the baseball saw about "getting him work" but the fact is, this is a self-perpetuating problem for Hillman and the Royals. Soria needs work because they keep saving him (get it) for situations that frankly don't manifest themselves often enough.
  • Random prediction: Robinson Tejeda will be in the minors, or possibly released, within 48 hours.
  • Brayan Pena got to play!