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Royals Waste Another Greinke Start

Zack allowed two solo homers, so I won't shed any crocodile tears for him. Yet, as we've seen, he didn't get enough help from his bullpen or the lineup tonight.

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Royals left about three runs on the table tonight? Then again, when all you do is hit singles, it will frequently seem like that.

  • The two homers Greinke allowed to Luke Scott were shots, but other than that Zack was in control. The walks (just one) have disappeared again, which is good.
  • Like many of you, I added Blake Wood to my fantasy team last night. Why do we always do this? We fall hard for every new setup guy (except Farnsworth, no one fell for him) and it always ends badly. I remember people loved Rupe about three weeks ago. Who knows what the future holds for Wood, long or short term. Allowing a HR to Patterson... ouch.
  • If I was the Royals, I'd be furious about the safe call with one out in the bottom of the tenth (the Butler/Bullington play). I just don't see how the umpire can make that call with any certainty. To me, that looks like an umpire going out of his way to inject his opinion into a game. Maybe it doesn't matter, but I hate that call.