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Farewell To The 'Revived' Jose Guillen

Jose Guillen's season triple slash line is currently .261/.317/.477, which is vaguely acceptable if you're really into power. The .317 OBP is a problem, though as a Royals fan, I've come to see anything even close to .315-.320 as "not that bad". In a deep lineup, I can squint and see a scenario in which you stick Guillen somewhere out of sight as the #7 hitter or #8 hitter.

However, that doesn't tell the whole story. That line is dropping with each passing day. Guillen had a very nice two weeks to open the season, prompting the usual talk from the usual sources about how Guillen was back, revived, fresh, motivated, or whatever. Like Podsednik and Kendall, he had an absurdly high batting average (he was at .377 at one point), but unlike those two, because he flashed a little power, there was reason for a peck or two of optimism. That's over now.

Since April 23rd, Guillen has hit .185/.262/.304, and that includes his mini-singles-hot-streak of the last three games. If he was revived and fresh on Tax Day, we can now say that he's worn-out and tired now. Or, he was just the same washed-up guy all along, whatever you prefer.

I actually like Guillen a little, as a personality. In my mind, he's more or less the Tracy Jordan character from 30 Rock, vain, detached from reality, amusing and fun to be around if it isn't your own life. There's no rage left in me about his idiotic contract or Moore's idiotic defenses of it. It's over, almost.

No, mostly, like Jose, I'm just... tired. Tired of watching the Royals send him out there every single day. Guillen has started 39 or the team's 40 games, and appeared in all of them. On the list of players the Royals need to play, Guillen is honestly, absolutely dead last. His monopolizing of the DH spot is getting in the way of... everything, its blocking more time for Aviles, more time for Getz, more time for Callaspo, more time for Pena, even more time for Ankiel and by extension Mitch. Really everyone. There is no one on the Major League roster that deserves to play less than Guillen.

Here's what we know about Guillen: he cannot hit, he has no position, he literally cannot run. Yet the Royals have locked Guillen into the starting lineup like... like... a guy Dayton Moore signed to a big contract.

I don't know why the Royals are trying to make Guillen happy. It's over. There's no trade market for him, the season's a lost cause, he's leaving anyway. It's over.