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Royals Can't Support Zack Greinke, Fall 1-0 To The Rays

What is there to say?

  • Again. Pitcher W-L is just a silly stat. Do we even need to talk about it? If someone came up to me and said, "if you eat oranges every day you will eventually turn into a red giraffe" I wouldn't argue with them, I would just say, "ok" and walk away. I only care about it because, I know, there are still idiots out there. Maybe its best just to let it go.
  • Greinke was amazingly efficient today: no walks, six strikeouts, 86 pitches thrown. It was a welcome development given some of his earlier quasi-rough outings in April. 
  • Can I just say that I despise the hit and run play? Of course, Hillman loves it. But to me, it ends up inducing bad swings and exposes you to a number of bad outcomes on the basepaths. But hey, one out of six times, you get a seeing eye single of it. So awesome!
  • Scotty Pods is going to be at .280 before we know it.
  • Ankiel just swung and missed again. Dude is Jacobs 2.0. I'd like to see those two start a sports bar/gentleman's club somewhere. I'd go.
  • This was a really disappointing lose today, aside from the usual Greinke angst. Winning three of four against Tampa is an actually cool thing to do, especially since nobody plays four game series anymore. Letting the Rays slink away with a split, with two tough road matchups remaining is a large swing.