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How Low Can Scott Podsednik Go?

Scott Podsednik is hurting the Royals. Of course, Pods is one of the untouchables on the roster, and he's started 43 times. With the possible exceptions of Guillen and Betancourt, he's been the worst position player on the team for the last month. However, Pods got off to an insanely hot start, so his aggregate numbers still look halfway decent (if you're the type to go gaga for a typical Pods line, that is).

Here's what Podsednik has done in his last 32 games: .234/.281/.328.

That's right. .234/.281/.328. Should I post it again? .234/.281/.328. And that's with his annoying tendency to game his batting average by attempting bunts all the time. (Oh wait, you didn't hear that from me, I would never suggest a player would do that.) During this same span, his stolen base numbers, since I know someone will point to them, aren't great. He's stolen 7 bases and been caught 4 times, basically a wash in terms of value.

Look, dude's awesome start was tremendous, and all the numbers count. He helped the Royals win some games. And now, he's really really hurting them. Pods has hit in the leadoff or second spot all season, and since late April, the Royals have been sending a guy with a .281 OBP out there.

Scott Podsednik, another supposed solution that is really another problem.