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What Are/Could the Royals Doing/Do to Increase Excitement Around the Team?

To put it simply, it is tough watching this team right now.   The pitching, including Zack, has not been good enough for us to win close games.   The veteran group of hitters are just sad.  What aspect of the current team keeps your interest going.  

Try to keep the sarcasm to a minimum as it seems like it is going to be a rough season and we all need some thing to root for.

Here are my current two glimmers of hope:

  • How Mitch and Blake play.  I am hoping both will be good enough to get continued playing time.  Blake seems to have at least found a role, but Mitch will soon be on the bench once Ankiel deems himself ready to be the savior of the team.  Is it sad the only players that I have any interest in on the major league team are the 4th outfielder and the 8th inning setup man?
  • How the minor league teams are doing.  I am getting to the point to reading Dubya's report every night before even seeing how the M.L. team is doing.  Maybe I will start putting up game threads for the NWA team.  I care more about players on that team than the ones on the M.L. team.
If i was in charge, I would just blow up the major league team, Florida Marlins style.  Jose - trade for a bag of balls or just released.   Farnsworth - half a bag of balls or released.   DeJesus - Trade for equivalent talent.   Yuni - release.  Trade or release Kendall, Podsednick, Bloomquist and Ankiel for a bottle of Scotch to help forget they were on the team.  

Finally, trade Zack.  Are we going to be contending in the next two years?   No.  Absol-Fucking-lutely not.  Get a nice haul from someone like the Rays (load minors) or Boston (decent minor league talent).  At least we could root for him in the pennant race and post season, at least one Royal can know what it feels like.

The complete change would get some new faces on the team and the nightly lineups would be the biggest guess work imaginable.  I think we are all tired of seeing Pods getting caught stealing or laying down a but.  Watching Bloomquist having to dive all over the outfield because he doesn't have the range to make just the simple plays.  Seeing Jose swing and miss at a ball on the outside part of the plate.  Heck, having Kila and Disco, even if they completely sucked, on the team would have more people interested.  Who doesn't like Hawaiians or submariner pitchers?  As I have always said, if you are going to suck, the team may as well be interesting.

Maybe completely blowing up the team is not the drastic measure needed for you to regain more interest, so I ask you:

What part of the team keeps your interest and what could the team do more to raise your interest?