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Joe Mauer Is No Jason Kendall

I don't know how the Twins can win with this guy!? Talk about soft! I thought the Twins did things the right way. I guess not.


MINNEAPOLIS (AP)—The Minnesota Twins are giving Joe Mauer the day off against the Colorado Rockies after the star catcher had a tough few days behind the plate.

Manager Ron Gardenhire says Thursday that Mauer "took about 18 foul tips" over the previous two game. One went off his face mask that stung him pretty good, Gardenhire says.

Mauer is usually given the day off or is in the lineup as the designated hitter in day games after night games.


Kendall has a manservant, and man from the Seychelles, who walks around throwing baseball's off JK's shins all day. The man is paid by the welt, so we can be certain it's serious. Kendall's apartment in Kansas City has a special water tank filled with mid-grade acid and salt water... this is what he drinks and bathes in.