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Jason Kendall - Baseball's Iron Man




Anyone following the Royals knows that Jason Kendall loves to play everyday. The 35 year old wonder (to turn 36 this up coming Saturday), has been in 66 of the 70 games played so far this season He has caught 12, 21, 15 and 18 games in a row so far. To say the least, this is quite bewildering. It really should not come as any surprise because in the last 10 years he has average catching 146 games a season

Does catching that many games in a row actually have an effect of Jason's offensive ability? I have divided Jason stats in 4 bins, 1-3, 4-6 . 7-9 or 10+ games caught since having a game off and here are the numbers:


Games after Game Off Plate Apps BA OBP SLG OPS
1-3 43 0.308 0.372 0.359 0.731
4-6 51 0.283 0.353 0.348 0.701
7-9 49 0.311 0.347 0.356 0.702
10+ 122 0.222 0.287 0.269 0.555


All right Jason can go a few days in a row without his production dropping off, but after 9 straight games, Ned needs to look at giving Jason a rest. I know the numbers may be a small sample size, but doesn't after, say 14 games in a row, the catcher may need a day off. I had to hand compute the stats, so I don't have the numbers for previous season off hand. I have added to my list to look for how a catcher hits when they have caught a bunch of a games in a row.

His will power and grit are not helping the team to victories as the team is 16-20 (0.444) in the first nine games after he has a game off and only 12-18 after that point (0.400).

My plea:

Jason you are not Iron Man, but like Iron Man you need your batteries recharged.  Your body is breaking down, no matter how much you hope the tattoos will give you the power of youth. How about every other week, take a day off, and spend some time with the wife, and just relax and watch the game from the dugout.  It won't kill you and you can concentrate you unused energy on helping that days catcher absorb your vast knowledge.  Right now your ego is only hurting the team.