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Jose Guillen and His Power Sapping Blisters

With talk of the Royals trying to trade Jose Guillen off, the Royals might find it hard to move him for a while.  I know teams are clamoring for his defensive ability and great personality, but his lack of offensive production may keep him away.

Jose has been bothered by a blister in his foot for a while and it has hurt his production as he admits in this comment:

"I (rotate) and push off on that foot when I swing," Guillen said. "That blister makes it hard to do that with any power. I mean, I'm seeing the ball pretty good, but all I can do is go up there and try to make contact."

Here are some numerical comparisons of how Jose has done from May 15th to Jun 11 and Jun 12 to Jun 27th

Jun 12, 2010 to Jun 27, 2010 KCR 14 14 58 55 20 0 0 0 2 7 0.364 0.386 0.364 0.750
May 15, 2010 to Jun 11, 2010 KCR 26 26 110 94 26 3 2 5 9 27 0.277 0.373 0.511 0.883

Outcomes of each at bat

Date Strikeout Single Flyout Groundout Walk Home Run
May 15, 2010 to Jun 11, 2010 24% 15% 15% 12% 8% 5%
Jun 12, 2010 to Jun 27, 2010 12% 34% 17% 22% 3% 0%

He has had no extra base hits over that time and he has the great line of having an OBP higher than SLG (which has dropped about 0.150 points)

He is making more contact recently, but that contact has been weak.

Now here is a comparison of his batted balls for each time frame:



Note on the data: The locations are where the ball is fielded and is from

As it can be seen, Jose has not hit a ball past the 300 foot mark for over a 2 weeks.  If I were a team looking to add someone of Jose's qualities, I would wait until he at least starts putting a few balls to the warning track or gets his next home run.

Update:  Looks like the blisters are healing.  Sweet, makes trading him much easier: