Guillen open to staying, voices his frustrations


Quotes of note: "This organization when I came here, it was not what I thought it was going to be, The atmosphere. I was expecting a lot of fire and winning attitude. And it wasn't any of that. None of that. I tried to say some things and do some things to change the atmosphere and then people went 'Oh, here goes Jose Guillen again.' But, hey, I don't like to babysit guys. You try to tell young guys some things, they get their feelings hurt. That's Little League stuff." "Fundamentally, this is one of the worst teams in all of baseball. This is true, I've been here for three years. I know everything that's going on . We're one of the worst teams fundamentally. Why do we get 14 or 15 hits and we score one or two runs. How does that happen? Lack of concentration. Lack of being smart. Players think it's all about hitting home runs. Drive in runs. That's what will get them paid instead of moving the runner or getting the guy to second. I just don't see that respect for the game, moving the runners. The team I really admire is the Minnesota Twins. They do that so well. I love when we play them because that's what I want our guys to see. They (the Twins) are the smartest team in all of baseball. Them and the Angels. They do all the little things so well." (no word on how playing a guy in RF who can barely get around effects fundamentals) "Respect for the game has been lost. That pisses me off. When you get older, you like to be around guys with winning attitudes and winning atmospheres." If only someone with credibility would say something, instead of a guy who is auditioning for a minor league managerial job after his retirement.