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Better Know a 1st Round Pick: Christian Colon

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The Royals, after a couple of days of crazy rumors, ended up taking Cal State Fullerton SS Christian Colon in the first round of the draft. Where the Royals were drafting, there wasn't one player I felt the Royals had to get--there was a pool of players that could be good picks depending on how much they were willing to sign for. I would have probably gone after Yasmani but, depending on what each signs for, the Colon pick could be good or even very good. Some think Colon is destined for 2nd base but others are confident he can play SS. I'm guessing the Royals believe he can stick at short (and the Royals brass said as much in the press conference tonight).

Last year, he played for team USA and pretty much led the team in every category. He hit 362/459/617 and stole 24 out of 26 bases (Yasmani Grandal hit 182/291/318 on the same team). He broke his leg in the last game and that carried into this season as he started very slowly. At Cal State Fullerton, he played against some of the best college competition and has hit, so far this year, 352/439/621 with almost twice as many walks as strikeouts. I wish there was a way to see his month by month splits, because I would think he has been maybe the hottest hitter in the country over the past couple of months. Colon was ranked anywhere from 9th-11th in the rankings I looked at. And, while teams should never draft for need that high in the draft, it doesn't hurt that SS is a major position of need in the organization.

I hope the Royals sign Colon soon so he can get plenty of ABs in Wilmington or wherever they assign him. I am somewhat hopeful he will sign in a timely fashion (he's a Boras client--so it may go down to 11pm August 14th--I was also hopeful they would sign Crow quickly--and I think Crow would be pitching much better if he had gotten more innings last year--but I digress). I like that Colon has exceeded expectations everywhere he has gone. He has very good on base skills and I think I've almost forgotten what its like to have a major league SS that can do that. He should hit for average power with a good batting average and plenty of walks. The biggest concern is his speed--I'm not sure if that is because of the break or not but Keith Law says his lack of speed doesn't affect his defense.

I should have a list of who is available for Round 2 a little while after the Supplemental Round finishes up.