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2nd Round Prospects

The Royals have the 4th pick in the 2nd Round tomorrow and there are plenty of talented names available.  Some of the top names are here because they will cost a lot--the Royals have been known to spend big if they really want a player.  So here are some of the top names:

Stetson Allie--huge HS arm--really developed in his Senior year--committed to UNC so a tough sign

AJ Cole--another very good arm whose stock dropped a little this year

Ryne Stanek--Blue Valley pitcher who was thought to go in 1st Round

Brandon Workman--talented SP from Texas

Reggie Golden--toolsy HS OFer

Yordy Cabrera--HS infielder with good bat

Micah Gibbs--good defensive C from LSU with decent bat

Tyler Holt--speedy college CF who gets on base


Who else you got?  Pitch me your guy for the 2nd Round pick.