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Royals Review Prospect Pulse: July

Thanks to AAA and AA All Star games (which allowed me to get stats from those league earlier than usual) and also due to some extra free time, I am able to get this out to you on the 1st--which I don't think I've done before. Don't get used to it--it's probably a one time thing.

This past month's draft has infused the Prospect ranks with some new blood. I've included 6 of our draft picks in these rankings. Our top hitters did pretty well for the month. Montgomery and Crow had down months for different reasons--Montgomery because he was hurt and Crow because he sucked. It will be interesting to see if any prospects are added during the month of July--either by the International Free Agents signing period which begins July 2 or by the trade deadline at the end of the month.

Also, the beginning of June brought word that Dan Duffy was coming back--there was must rejoicing and he has been moved up in the rankings. On the flip side, there was news that Noel Arguelles might not pitch this year because of his shoulder (also, Greg Schaum has alluded to some attitude issues). As a result, there is now no Noel in the Top 10.

The Royals already have an incredible Top 5 prospects--as billexgordler linked to already in a Fanpost, Kevin Goldstein just listed 5 Royals prospects among his Top 20 prospects in baseball. After those guys, there are a handful of guys who could make a Top 100 list depending on how they do in the second half.

As always starts are for hitters: avg--obp--slg and for pitchers: K/9---BB/9--FIP ERA
Rank Name Last Month June stats YTD Comment
1 Mike Moustakas--3B--AA 1 291/330/553 336/404/668 An off month for him and his OPS in June is still near 900.
2 Wil Myers--C--LowA 4 306/462/569 289/408/500 Amazing start for a teen in the Midwest League--and the rumor is he we will very soon be promoted to Wilmington.
3 Mike Montgomery--LHP--AA 2 7.4/2.5/2.60



Elbow is never good--hopefully he's healthy and pitching again in July. Supposed to be resuming his throwing program this week.
4 Eric Hosmer--1B--HighA 3 351/435/557 350/422/524 Bounced back in June after a so-so May.
5 John Lamb--LHP--HighA 6 11.3/2.6/2.25



Nipping at Monty's heels for best pitching prospect in the organization.
6 Christian Colon--SS--HighA NR 000/000/000 000/000/000 If we does well at Wilmington, could see AA by season's end--off to 0-9 start in 2 games.
7 Aaron Crow--RHP--AA 5 8.5/5.6/4.58 5.9/4.1/4.87 I haven't lost hope in him and he has pitched somewhat better of late
8 Chris Dwyer--LHP--HighA 11 11.5/2.5/1.79 9.1/3.8/3.31 Has gotten better as year went on. JJ Picollo said they would have taken Dwyer at #4 in this year's draft.
9 Tim Melville--RHP--HighA 8 7.8/4.9/5.06 7.8/4.3/4.34 Pitching better after the horrible start of the year.
10 Kila Kaaihue--1B--AAA 9 276/438/480 307/472/572 Hopeful that he won't be on this list in a month.
11 Dan Duffy--LHP--EXST 27 NA NA He's baaaack--will get a few starts in Arizona before going to AA. I won't bother to put his rate stats for 2/3 of an inning.
12 Brett Eiber--CF--not signed NR NA NA Should be signed--huge power potential, supposed to be pretty good in CF, but will probably strike out a lot.

Derrick Robinson--CF--AA

10 290/319/374 298/368/384 Has cooled off but still hitting better than at just about any other point in his career. Walk rate dropped this month.
14 David Lough--OF--AAA 12 271/311/486 273/308/435 Looks like he may be starting to get it at AAA.
15 Johnny Giavotella--2B--AA 13 277/384/383 278/362/366 Good month with the bat--still questions about his defense
16 Jordan Parraz--OF--AAA 17 282/356/500 267/368/429 Numbers in June were as good as May's--just not as lucky. He's kind of flying under the radar.
17 Salvador Perez--C--HighA 14 194/233/239 255/294/372 Had miserable month--partly due to drop in power, partly due to low BABIP. He's still pretty well for his age in the Carolina League.
18 Tyler Sample--RHP--LowA 16 8.6/5.7/5.30 7.5/6.3/4.67 Has good stuff, but has been pretty lucky. Needs to rapidly improve control.
19 Noel Arguelles--LHP--DL 7 NA NA I don't know what to think of this guy.
20 Luis Coleman--RHP--AA 18 11.8/2.2/2.79 9.5/2.4/3.31 Starting to hit his stride. Is decent vs. lefties but is death to right handed hitters.
21 Patrick Keating--RHP--AA 19 7.7/4.5/3.71



Promoted to AA where he is holding his own but I expect his numbers to get better in the 2nd half.
22 Manual Pina--C--AA 26 182/270/394 245/328/406 Pegged as a future backup--but the bar has been set pretty low for what passes for a Royals starting catcher.
23 Cheslor Cuthbert--3B--SS 21 231/333/269 231/333/269 Young even by Arizona league standards.
24 Tim Smith--OF--AA 20 283/427/367 299/399/446 Intrigued by his bat but needs to show consistent power.
25 Jason Adam--RHP--not signed NR NA NA Local HS arm with decent upside. Will sign around the deadline for an above slot deal.
26 Yowil Espinal--SS--SS 22 314/351/314 314/351/314 Talented middle infielder who should hit pretty well in Idaho Falls.
27 Rey Navarro--SS--HighA 29 275/302/396 236/263/324 bad luck on BABIP hurt his average but he needs to up his walk rate back to his career levels.
28 Clint Robinson--1B--AA 33 409/461/796 308/392/558 One heck of a month--but he's got better players above and below him in the minors.
29 Edgar Osuna--LHP--AA 24 6.7/0.4/3.77 6.0/1.0/3.64 His margin for error is so slim, I have a hard time seeing him being successful in the majors.
30 Crawford Simmons--LHP--SS 35 9.3/4.7/4.30 9.3/4.7/4.30 Pitched great in his first start and then was so-so in his second.
31 Buddy Baumann--LHP--HighA 31 8.8/1.6/2.06 9.7/3.5/2.44 Has started a couple of times with good results--a sleeper.
32 Michael Antonio--SS--SS NR NA NA Supposed to have a prett good HS bat but probably won't stay at SS.
33 Jai Miller--CF--AAA 25 244/286/478 254/318/492 Power still there but inability to get on base may keep him from the big leagues.
34 Brandon Sisk--LHP--AA 32 12.0/3.1/2.72 8.6/3.2/3.75 Had a great month of June, part of a stellar AA bullpen.
35 Paulo Orlando--CF--AA 38 325/411/470 313/374/457 Having a pretty good year--not sure if we have something interesting here or he's simply having a nice AA season.
36 Kelvin Herrera--RHP--DL 15 NA 8.4/3.2/3.32 Great arm but injuries are becoming a huge issue
37 Mario Santiago--RHP--AA 28 5.4/1.3/4.48 5.1/2.4/3.98 Hard to get too excited when the K rate is that low at AA.
38 Kevin Chapman--LHP--not signed NR NA NA 5th Round pick this year is a lefty reliever who pitched well U of Florida.
39 Shin Jo-Ho--C--SS 43 353/400/588 353/400/588 Young catcher off to pretty good start in Arizona.
40 Alex Llanos--CF--SS 39 250/308/361 250/308/361 Normally hits for a good average, we'll see if he adds any power.
41 Jeff Bianchi--SS--DL 40 NA NA Still recovering from TJ surgery.
42 Robinson Yambati--RHP--SS NR 10.8/0.9/1.97 10.8/0.9/1.97 Young, hard throwing right, off to quick start in Arizona league.
43 Keaton Hayenga--RHP--LowA 42 3.6/4.8/6.40 3.4/4.8/5.71 Getting tattooed at LowA.
44 Alex Caldera--RHP--AA 41





Moved up to AA--don't know if he'll stay there when Montgomery comes back.
45 Jarrod Dyson--OF--SS 46 520/520/640 520/520/640 Rehabbing in Arizona, should be moved to a full season club soon.
46 Jerico Blanco--OF--SS 50 227/250/227 227/250/227 We'll see how he does in his first exposure to pro ball in the US.
47 Dusty Odenbach--RHP--LowA 36 8.3/4.5/5.36 9.2/4.6/4.02 Needs to improve control/command.
48 Ed Lucas--3B--AAA
NR 314/422/543 331/402/542 28 year old isn't a much of a prospect but sometimes you just have to reward a great performance.
49 Chris McConnell--SS--AA NR 257/341/392 241/342/328 Defense first SS has resurrected his career.
50 Scott Fletcher--OF--not signed NR NA NA Late round pick from Auburn has a pretty good bat--might be a moderately tough sign for a college junior.

Player(s) of the Month: Clint Robinson and Wil Myers

By all rights, it should be Clint Robinson, the 1B/DH had an amazing month at the plate culminated by a HR in the Texas League All Star game last night. But I have a hard time seeing him having a future with an organization that Butler, Kaaihue, and Hosmer. But I also want to point out that Wil Myers had a great month and it sounds like he will debuting at Wilmington, perhaps as soon as tonight. Myers' defense continues to be a question mark but there is no doubt in his bat. He will probably eventually move to the OF, but I don't see any harm leaving him at catcher for the rest of the year. Manual Pina and Salvador Perez are OK but not great catching prospects. What do you think the Royals should do with Wil Myers defensively?