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Your Scott Podsednik Update: Stabilizing, Still Bad

My obsession with Kendall distracted me from it for awhile, but it must be said that the Royals love them some Scotty Pods too.

In LF, the Royals have played Scott Podsednik a Kendall-esque 91.4% of the time. Pods has started 73 games, and has 335 PAs to date. He's just always out there, and he's frequently leading off (44 times).

So how is ole Scotty doing? I'd say he's stabilizing. He started incredibly hot, followed that up with a pretty wicked cold streak, and has since had a mini-rebound. Nevertheless, on the whole, we don't have a really pretty picture.

First 12 games: .457/.528/.478 (the dream, ohh the dream!)

Since: .263/.300/.347 in 279 PAs

Yes, our leadoff-man speedster has been in the Callaspo-Olivo-Buck OBP zone for about the last two months.


It's interesting how much Podsednik's first 56 PAs continue to prop up his season line of .293/.337/.367. Then again, so much of his production really did come in those handful of games. His only two two-walk games of the season occured back then, as well as two of his three four-hit games. He also had 7 of his steals during that magical span and probably also successfully dived within three feet of a ball once or twice too.

Even with all the awesomeness banked, if you have a corner outfielder with no power and a .337 OBP, you're giving up runs. Solution: just keep playing him. Now. Forever.