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So Let's Hammer Out This Sexist & Cliched Analogy About Moose & Hosmer

  • Thought #1: Wow, so like, Moose or Hosmer is sorta like the "Ginger or Maryann" question for Royals fans these days. At the very least I should tweet this. Maybe it's a whole post. Hmm.
  • Thought #2: Could we take it further? I'm old enough to remember the brief but real "Aniston or Cox" query from the mid-90s.
  • Thought #2.5: Was "Aniston or Jolie" a thing? I think it kinda was, but it was more related to personality, ideas of loyalty and propriety, emotions. Hmm.
  • Thought #3: Is this something like golf or tennis? Because it seems like we need these rivalries in our imagination. Even though these aren't actually rivalries, between the people involved, unlike in sports, though it would be cool if they were. No, I want more guys on the internet choosing me! I will do that FHM spread.
  • Thought #4: Is there one of these things going on now? Can't think of one. Maybe our hope is Mad Men. Incredible cast. We need some touchstone sexist and objectifying debate for our time.
  • Thought #5: People also have a desire to answer the question in a clever way. It is absolutely awesome to respond to "Hosmer or Moose?" with "Wil Myers." So that would be the equivalent of answering "Ginger or Maryann" with "Catwoman" right? This tweet or post is getting more complicated. I'm getting too old and out of it anyway. Guys on RR mention bands and actresses all the time I've never heard of. I wish I was 20.