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Royals Trade Scott Podsednik To The Dodgers In Exchange for Lucas May And Elisaul Pimentel

The Royals have sent Scott Podsednik to the Dodgers in exchange for two minor league prospects. Well done, Dayton.

The players coming back are Lucas May (c) and Elisaul Pimentel (p).

Pimentel is a 21 year old pitcher who has been in A-ball. (B-R page) Pimentel has a 3.49 ERA this year, with good strikeout numbers. A definite interesting live arm. He is the second Pimentel from the Dodger organization to be acquired by Dayton Moore. He has a 3.68 career minor league ERA. (I had earlier written the Dodgers had been using him as a reliever, I must have went cross-eyed when I looked at his stats. He hasn't been. He's been a starter.)

Lucas May / Luke May is a 25 year old catcher with an .848 this season in AAA. (B-R page) May also hit decently last season in AA. I'm sure Albuquerque is a good hitters park, but for a catcher in his first AAA season, those are interesting numbers. I would have taken one of these guys for Pods.

Well done to the GM on this one. Hopefully this is only the beginning of a busy deadline.