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Bruce Chen Leads Royals Past Bumbling Angels

  • Chen for All-Star. I love this guy.
  • There's really no way to contextualize what Chen did tonight, because it was entirely out of context. Six perfect innings, 7.1 very good innings overall. Like Kyle Davies last night, you have to wonder how much of this is on the Angels (who of course the Royals revere). The Angels managed 2 runs off of Davies-Chen. Having to face Anthony Lerew tomorrow night must seem daunting.
  • So I'm sure this whole hullabaloo with Soria will just turn out totally a-OK. I wish there was a way to bet on the proposition that he'll struggle for his next three starts, have a week off, come back again, then hit the DL for a month. Because I'd definitely not take that bet.
  • Jose Guillen made another ninth inning catch of some note. And we wondered if he could get more insufferable. Silly us.