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Royal Rally Falls Short In Anaheim

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Quite the 9th inning.

1) Willie Bloomquist PHed for Maier and 2) the Royals bunted with two on and none out. Now granted, it was Yuni who bunted, which matters, but still. The Royals were down two runs.

So on Willie... I just don't get the desire to get him in there. Maybe, if Yost really feels he has worse hitters than Bloomquist coming up all the time, the Royals shouldn't have 25 relievers around.

As for the Yuni bunt, it's a bad play. It's not horrible, because it is still Yuni and there is the getting two men into scoring position aspect, but down two runs, it's just not a good move. Now Yost did PH Aviles for Getz (good) and Pena for Blanco (ok), but the Aviles/Pena combo isn't a great bet to hit a single. If anything, Pena's just as likely to hit a 3 run homer as he is to single. It seems a little weird that Yost would play for the tie with the bunt, then go for the win with Pena up with two outs. I know, I know, platoon splits again. Still, I like Blanco's odds of hitting a two out bleeder that ties than game over Pena's.


Apparently however, any time a lefty pitches against the Royals, it's going to be crazy **sirens sirens sirens** going for Ned. Lefty! Must DO Things!