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Don't Give Up On Kila

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We can't give up on Kila. I know everyone else will at the soonest opportunity. I want, this community, however, to be the last to dismiss him.

He hasn't started well. He's hitting .103/.133/.103 in 30 PAs. I know. Believe you me, I am aware of his line. Since being called up, he's hitting .080/.115/.080, in 26 PAs.

Still, we're talking about a week here. He had four random PAs back in May, sat on the bench for four days mostly at the beginning of this callup, and started playing regularly about a week ago. I've been increasingly critical of Yost, but it looks like the Kila freeze out is starting to thaw. He started all three games against the Angels, and I honestly didn't think he'd get three straight starts this season.

Anyway, there's no real point to this. Of course, you guys can do whatever you want. I'm going to be patient and hope for the best and try not to be annoyed when the first "Royals worried about Kila" story shows up.