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Game 115 Open Thread - Yankees at Royals

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CC (not initials just "CC" or did he change this?) Sabathia against Bruce Chen.

Thought #1: Damn, you know Bruce Chen is going to have a horrible start one of these days. He can't keep this up.

Thought #2: Keep what up. His numbers aren't even actually that good. Maybe we're fine.

Thought #3: Yea, this feels like one of those "baseball is the most random day to day sport" games. Chen v CC. Haha Royals win.

Thought #4: But didn't that just happen with Bullington being sorta effective out of nowhere against the Angels?

Thought #5: Yea, but the Royals still lost. And don't the Yankee hitters seem locked in right now, after they grinded out that game last night against Cliff Lee and Texas?

Thought #6: You haven't checked each of your six email accounts in at least five minutes. Or Twitter.