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Bryan Bullington Shuts Down Yankees En Route To Royal Win

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Get-away-day much?

Bryan Bullington allowed just two hits to the Yankees over eight innings this Sunday, striking out a respectable 5 hitters. The Yankee lineup wasn't even a Sunday scrubs edition either. Odd.

The big story, I suppose, is that Bullington was able to notch his first pitcher "win". Cool. For me personally, I haven't paid attention to pitcher wins since like 2000. Other than a little last year, when we were going through the Greinke stuff, it's just not something I pay attention to. How many wins does Bannister have? No idea. I just don't look at that data anymore. Anyway... this is mostly a discussion for another day.

"Win" aside, it's hard to imagine a better outing for Bullington, so in that respect, it's cool that his first "win" came this way, as opposed to vulturing a W in a random relief appearance. Bully for Bullington. I'll have another post on him up later tonight or tomorrow.

I suggest we start an internet meme that Pena called an amazing game today. I love the way he handles the staff.

In the end, hard not to see this as simply an awful Yankee performance. The made more errors (I know) than hits recorded after all, while a patient lineup walked just once. Royal pride.