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Terrible, Over-Rated, and or Overpaid Players Who Surprisingly Never Ended Up As Royals In the 1990s and 2000s

I'll start and I'd like youre help:

  • Raul Mondesi: Was around forever, played for a zillion teams, could post a terrible OBP if needed. Won some gold gloves early in his career, but was probably not that good defensively at the end. Proved he could play with a bad team for the right price by signing with Pirates. How did he escape Allard's grasp? How did Dayton not bring him in as a NRI to Spring Training in 2007? He'd only been out of baseball for two years by then.
  • Henry Rodriguez: Posted a .325 OBP in his career season. Was still bouncing around the minor leagues as late as 2006. I would have loved to see O'Henry and Terrance Long roaming the same outfield.
  • J.T. Snow: Dude was actually an OBP machine during his prime, and was probably good defensively as well. The Royals have a long organizational history of employing light-hitting 1Bs however, which draws my attention. Basically, I'm imagining the Royals picking him up when he was starting to break down, screaming at him to be more aggressive and embrace his role as a "run-producer" for a young team, and having it go horribly.
  • Ron Coomer: Somehow made an All-Star team. Was a white utility player on the sainted Twins. Could not get on base with $10 dollars and a bus pass. Fits the 1B who can't hit for power template.
  • Kevin Mench: The Affeldt-Mench trade rumor was fun. Best three years of my life.
  • Russ Ortiz: The over-rated starting pitcher of the 2000s, he's still kinda sorta around. Or was. Made a handful of relief appearances for the Dodgers this year. 
  • Jason Bere: The Indians must have outbid the Royals for his services in the early 2000s.
  • Geoff Jenkins: Swung extremely hard. Had facial hair. Chewed stuff. Was signed by the Phillies at the 2007 Winter Meetings. How did Dayton not sweep in and offer an extra year? Damn you Guillen!
  • Manager Don Baylor: Famous ex-player, loved small ball.