Top 30 Royals prospects

1.Micheal Montgomery, LHP,AA: He is my #1 one because he has been doing it for more than one year where as a lot of our guys have just came up big this year. Has a combined 2.38 ERA this year.Great stuff. Said to have 3 plus pitches and shows great poise on the mound.

2.Eric Hosmer,1B,AA: With the vision and eye problems behind him he has showed his true potential. He has showed his power potential this year which many have doubted and show a good eye to make a lot of contact but also take a walk. People don't rate him as high because he plays first base but i think defensive value has began to overtake prospect rankings and overrate some. Has potential to be an above average first baseman and IMO at least an average COF if needed. He is only 20 years old in AA. His combined slash line .338/.408.562, 37 doubles, 8 triples(seems like a ton) and 15 home runs. 53 BB's/57 K's. Also has 13 steals and has only been caught once. He is probably my favorite prospect.

3.Wil Myers,C,High-A: This guy is awesome as well. I have even heard people say this guy is the best prospect in baseball which is great to hear. People predicted him to be our first round pick and we got him in the 3rd because of sign-ability. His plate discipline and approach are way advanced for his age. Started in low A and was moved up to High A where he has hit even better. he is hitting a combined .318/.433/.500. 11 home runs and 32 doubles. 73BB's/79 K's. Has hit .370/.476/.500 in Wilmington which kills hitters power. People think he will get to the majors faster if he goes to the outfield but he is still atleast 2 years away so we should keep him behind the plate and see if he can work there. I am confident he can and if not we have a good outfielder with a great bat.

4.John Lamb,LHP,AA: Just turned 20 and got moved up to AA where he has got somewhat roughed up but it has only been 12 innings. has a combined 2.13 ERA in 126 innings. His K/BB is 138/33. Heard he is very aggressive and even being so young he has advanced poise. We got him in the 5th round. He dropped because of a car accident.

5. Mike Moustakas,3B, AAA: Before his promotion he would of been #1. He had arguable the best hitting numbers in all of the minors but his plate discipline, splits, defense and recent struggles with his promotion have dropped him for me. He has tons of potential still. Great power and bat speed. I think his glove can be at least average, he made a couple nice plays in the futures game.Hitting a combined .319/.371/.598 with 26 home runs and 33 doubles. His numbers are pretty low due to his slow start in AAA.

6.Dan Duffy, LHP: Was arguably our best pitching prospect before he left and has done well since he has came back. only 21 years old in AA he has a combined 2.72 ERA in 39 innings with 50 strikeouts since coming back so i just expect him to improve. He is an advanced arm and could very well be the closest to the majors for us. Last year as a 20 year old in high-A he had a 2.98 ERA.

7. Chris Dwyer, LHP,AA: This continues our run of lefty pitchers. He was a 21 year old freshman that we got in the fourth round of the 2009 draft. Was said to always have great stuff but the numbers didn't show it. He has had a great year. Has 2 plus pitches with needed work on his change-up to make it good. Could be a front of the rotation starter but may not need to be with the talent we have. Will probably start in AA next year and if he continues his improvements we could see him in September next year if not earlier.

8. Christian Colon, SS,High-A: I love that in normal years our first round pick would be at least a top 5 prospect but we are so talented that he comes in at #8. I am a big fan of Colon which he seems to have a lot of doubters. I am glad we drafted him because of his consistency and great performance with team USA which he out hit everyone on the team. His senior year he actually showed some power. He is a good leader and hard worker. From what i saw in the College world series his defense looked good. There are a lot of doubt on his defense but he can atleast be an above average second baseman. He started out slow this year hitting .264/.312/.356. I think those numbers will go up greatly next year.

9. Brett Ebiner,CF, Rookie: Was projected as a first round pick. We got him in the second. I have heard very good reviews about this guy and im pretty pumped. Have read he has very good power potential and a pretty good glove in center. Let's hope he can stay there. His senior year at arkansas he hit .333 with 22 home runs. A

10. Aaron Crow, RHP, High-A: I have lost almost all hope but being a Mizzou fan and thinking that there has to be some talent somewhere in him. Got demoted to High A in his first year. He is older which is what makes his struggles so frustrating. He got a lot of praises before the year and has done terrible. His command is said to be really bad. His K's have gone up a little recently. We will see. If he could somehow improve and become a 5th starter that would be great..

11. Tim Mellville,RHP, High-A: Another guy struggling and is now injured.. Was said to be a top 15 talent when we drafted him in the 4th round. I like Melville and think he will for sure turn it around. He had a good year last year and has went into a sophmore slump. I like that he strikes a lot of guys out and has very good stuff. I think he is done for the year and i can't wait to see him next year. If him, Crow and Argulles actually come around then our minors would be pretty much unreal.

12.Tim Collins LHP, AAA: This may be high to some people but i think this guy i the real deal. People wonder why he was traded by 2 teams in one year and i wonder that as well. My guess is that its because he is a reliever. His K numbers are ridiculous and he is 20 years old in AAA already. He may be small but i think he is a stud reliever.

12. Johnny Giavotella 2B,AA: Was a second round pick but came from a small schoool so i think the scouts saw talent in him it is just taking a couple years to develop. He is ripping the cover off the ball as of late. This year he is hitting .321/.395/.444 with 27 doubles and almost as many walks as K's. He has hit for power here recently which i don't expect him to develop much.I don't think he is a future stud but could be a solid second baseman for a feww years.. Hopefully a good average and high OBP kind of guy.

13.Noel Argulles, LHP: Has really nothing to show but has a lot of hype surronding him. It has died down some and there has been negative reports but i think he has a lot of potential. Hopefully he can get on the mound sooner or later.

14.David Lough OF,AAA: He needs to prove something soon. All the talent is there but he needs a better plate discipline. I don't like putting him this high because i see his ceiling being a 4th outfielder so i am skeptical. Hopefully he gets a September call up.

15. Jason Adam, RHP,Suprise,AZ: Baseball america had him ranked as the 54th best prospcet in the draft. Has tons of upside. Fastball can get up to 95 at times and i have heard good things about his curve and change-up. I am excited about him can't wait to see him at Burlington next year.

16. Louis Coleman RHP, AAA: Has had good numbers so far and is just about ready to jump into our major league bullpen. I think he has taken the reliever role on well. Hopefully we can catch a glimpse of him in September.

17. Derrick Robinson,CF,AA: Lots of speed here. His average is ok but he strikeout quite a bit. Not much power at all. He is a project. He is 22 right now so i think he still has a lot of refining to do but could be a late blooming type player. has 44 stolen bases this year.

18. Tyler Sample, RHP,Low-A: Has great size and arm strength. Still in low A and not doing as well as some would hope but he has very good stuff. I think his real future will be as a good reliever but he is putting together a nice year and we will see if he improves

19.Salvador Perez, C, High-A: Started the year extremely hot but has cooled off a lot. He is only 20 and i have heard a lot of good things about his defense. Not hitting at all right now.

20. Cheslor Cuthbert,3B,Rookie: Only 17 years old he is in rookie ball. He started out ok but isn't hitting all that great. From what i have heard is that be looks to fit in prefectly even though he is younger than everyone and has tons and tons of potential. glad we can develop him from such a young age. Can't wait to see how advanced he will be in a couple years when we will still be very very young.

21.Buddy Baumen, LHP,High-A: He is having a very good year. Has a 2.35 ERA in 84 innings with 101 strikeouts and has only gave up 1 home run. Only 21 years old.

22.Will Smith, RHP,High-A: He just turned 21 and has good potential. I think be thrown around every level of the minors has hurt him so we are putting him in Wilmington and kind of starting his development from square one. I think he will impress people.

23.Blaine Hardy, LHP,AAA: This guy is barely talked about as royals fans. He is 23 and has a combined 1.76 ERA this year and opponents are only hitting .193 against him. I am sure there are reasons he isn't highly touted but he will get his shot. His numbers last year were really good as well.

24. Tim Smith, OF,AA: This guy has been consistently good. every year so far he has hit the ball well. He is a guy that i don't know a lot about and based off his numbers it seems crazy to put him this low. He is 24 though and im not sure why he is just now in AA. I have heard he has a week arm. surprised he is still in AA. Could probably be higher.

25. Jeff Bianchi, SS, injured: This guy could possibly be our starting shortstop if he didn't get injured, i am excited to see him come back.

26.Paulo Orlando, OF,AA: He is looking to become the first Brazilian player in the MLB, correct me if i am wrong. Hasn't had that great of numbers in the past but has done really well this year and people are thinking it is just taking him a little longer to develop.

27, Micheal Antonio, SS, Rookie. We will have to see. Not hitting very well but shows good slugging. This is purely potential.

28.Clint Robinson,1B,AA: He is old but he is completely smashing. He could become Kila 2.0 we shall see.

29.Elisaul Pimentel, RHP,Low-A: Heard he has nasty stuff but needs better control. Lots of potential.

30.Edgar Osuna,LHP, AAA. He had a great year in AA with an ERA under 3. has gotten roughed up in AAA but i think he is pretty underrated. Doesn't throw very hard but has great command. could be a good long reliever.

Just Missed:Yowill Espinal(2B), Kevin Champman(RP), Jordan Parraz(OF), Manny Pina(C), Kelvin Herra(RHP) Crawford Simmons(LHP)

This system is great, lots of depth and plenty of star power. Tell me what you think.

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