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Checking In On The Guys The Royals Traded

  • Alberto Callaspo: This trade feels like it happened two years ago. Callaspo has essentially been Callaspo for the Angels, hitting .308/.353/.372. He hasn't hit for much power (1 HR, 2 2Bs) but he's getting his singles and walking. He's played mostly third base and is currently hitting 3rd in the Angel lineup.
  • Scott Podsednik: Like Callaspo, he's basically been Scott Podsednik. Pods is hitting .301/.363/.361 for the Dodgers. Pods has attempted six steals and been caught twice and is playing just about every day in LA.
  • Rick Ankiel: He's done everything the Braves have asked of him. Hitting .216/.322/.255 in 59 PAs. Those numbers don't fully capture how brilliant he's looked in the OF or how sexy his physique and incredibly strong jaw muscles look in that Braves uniform. Those tools he displayed three years ago. He owns them forever.
  • Kyle Farnsworth: Kyle has appeared in six games with the Braves, pitching just 4.2 innings. Reliever ERAs aren't great tools, but he's pretty much delivered the classic Farnsworth-implosion-that-makes-the-new-fanbase-hate-him. His ERA is 9.64 as a Brave and in those 4.2 innings he's allowed five hits, walked four, and thrown a wild pitch. Nevertheless, much of his bad results stem from one disastrous appearance against the Astros. He's about 50/50 on garbage time versus high-leverage usage with the Braves, so we'll see.
  • Jose Guillen: In 12 PAs with the Giants Jose has three singles, a double, and a homer. The Giants really should have picked him up earlier on.... (laughing)