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Royals Review Prospect Pulse: August

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Sure enough, the List has changed this month with the additions of Tim Collins, Will Smith, Elisaul Pimentel and Lucas May.  Only Collins cracks the Top 20, however.  Several promotions this month: Moose, Hosmer, Lamb, Dwyer, Duffy (and others) all got moved up--and most did quite well.  It seems that several different outlets/writers have proclaimed the Royals minor leagues the #1 system for this year.  No doubt it's a nice honor and come the off-season we'll look at what that has meant historically for teams.

Rank Name Last Month July Stats YTD Comment
1 Eric Hosmer--1B--AA 4





Practically doubled his homers in July.
2 Wil Myers-C-HighA 2 HighA346/476/444



Really getting on base at Wilmington but Carolina league has hurt his power.
3 Mike Moustakas-3B-AAA 1

AA 424/474/818




Struggled initially at AAA but has started to heat up.
4 John Lamb--LHP--AA 5






Received his second promotion of the year and has become one of the better pitching prospects in the game.
5 Mike Montgomery--LHP--AA 3 SS7.3/1.0/2.80




Has begun pitching in AZ league and should be back at AA later in August.
6 Chris Dwyer--LHP--AA 8


AA 10.2/5.1/4.33

AA 10.2/5.1/4.33

HighA 9.5/3.7/3.16

On DL with back strain, had been brilliant at AA, except for his last outing which probably had something to do with the injury.
7 Christian Colon--SS--AA 6 269/325/356 248/301/327 Has been hitting better lately--know his line isn't great but I'm not worried.
8 Kila Kaaihue--1B--AAA 10 343/442/648 319/463/598 Farewell old friend!
9 Dan Duffy--LHP--AA 11 11.6/4.5/4.29 11.1/3.2/3.61 Now at AA, ready to pick up where he left last year
10 Aaron Crow--RHP--HighA 7 7.9/4.5/4.30 6.5/4.2/4.72 Demoted to Wilmington, hopefully he will carve up hitters and get some confidence back.
11 Brett Eibner--CF--not signed 12 NA NA Will sign soon.
12 Tyler Sample--RHP--Low-A 18 9.5/3.5/4.11 8.0/5.6/4.52 Had a really nice month and then ended with a stinker but still has been impressing with his stuff.
13 Johnny Giavotella-2B--AA 15 361/410/537 304/378/417 That's a spicy meatball!  Really like the bat.
14 David Lough--OF--AAA 14 200/336/358 256/318/420 Scuffling in AAA--needs to put together a sustained hot streak.
15 Cheslor Cuthbert--3B--SS 23





Has been impressive--17 year old at Idaho Falls is pretty rare.
16 Jordan Parraz--OF--AAA 16 267/284/384 267/347/418 The Royals have cornered the market on mediocre OF prospects--still would like to see what he can do in the bigs--perfect September call up candidate.
17 Derrick Robinson--CF--AA 13 263/301/360 290/351/379 Started July hot and then cooled off.
18 Tim Melville--RHP--HighA 9 4.1/5.7/4.50 7.4/4.5/4.36 On DL, my guess is he'll go back to Wilmington next year.
19 Tim Collins--LHP--AAA NR 16.5/3.0/1.96 15.4/3.4/2.52 Love those K numbers--is now with Omaha.
20 Paulo Orlando--CF--AA 35 333/402/538 319/383/482 Still ranking him somewhat conservatively, but would like to see what he can do at AAA.
21 Will Smith--LHP--HighA NR 3.6/4.1/5.92 6.1/3.3/4.78 After being bounced around several levels, the Royals will be patient with him at HighA.
22 Noel Arguelles--LHP--DL 19 NA NA Heard that he is throwing, not sure if he will appear in a game this year.
23 Luis Coleman--RHP--AAA 20 AAA10.0/1.3/3.29



Keeps doin' what he does at AAA.
24 Patrick Keating--RHP--AA 21 AA14.3/4.2/4.08



Royals have a great collection of bullpen talent.
25 Manny Pina--C--AA 22





This kid starting to grow on me, drops in rankings b/c I have to squeeze in the new additions.
26 Salvador Perez--C--HighA 17 244/247/280 252/280/344 Struggled in July but is still quite young.
27 Jason Adams--RHP--not signed 25 NA NA Will sign in the days leading up to August 16th.
28 Clint Robinson--1B--AA 28 296/366/593 305/386/566 Haven't heard if he takes Kila's place at AAA--but he should.
29 Buddy Baumann--RHP--HighA 31 12.5/3.3/2.29 10.8/3.4/2.39 Baumann has been really impressive as a starter--a breakout performance--and yet he ranks #29--just a lot of talent in the system.
30 Michael Antonio--SS--SS 32 261/307/478 261/307/478 Holding his own in Arizona.
31 Elisaul Pimentel--RHP--LowA NR 9.7/3.4/5.74 9.3/3.4/3.41 I think he's shown he can handle LowA--needs to be challenged at HighA.
32 Kevin Chapman--LHP--HighA 38 11.1/6.1/3.09 11.1/6.1/3.09 Very good left-handed arm from the bullpen--keep an eye on control.
33 Crawford Simmons--LHP--SS 30 8.8/2.0/4.23 8.9/2.6/4.24 Been good but not great at Burlington, NC.
34 Lucas May--C--AAA NR 217/294/383 296/352/496 Not a huge fan of his but hope he proves me wrong.
35 Edgar Osuna--LHP--AAA 29


5.9/1.0/3.88 Injuries and brief promotion to AAA--but is back to AA now.
36 Tim Smith--LF--AA 24 301/338/438 300/380/443 So-so month--stagnating a little bit at AA.
37 Brandon Sisk--LHP--AA 34 9.6/2.6/4.68 8.8/3.1/3.94 Indy league product has been holding his own at AA.
38 Rey Navarro--SS--HighA 27 255/258/309 244/273/314 Where did his walks go?
39 Kelvin Herrera--RHP--DL 36 NA 8.4/3.1/3.32 Haven't heard if he is just resting his arm or if there has been any surgery.
40 Jai Miller--CF--AAA 33 241/310/468 247/315/479 Let's face reality: the Jai Miller dream is dying
41 Robinson Yambati--RHP--SS 42 9.4/2.2/2.71 9.8/1.9/2.52 Impressive young arm in Arizona.
42 Jeff Bianchi--SS--DL 41 NA NA Gone but not forgotten.
43 Chris Mcconell--SS--AA 49 179/337/313 227/343/327 His July numbers don't justify this jump up but I think I've under ranked him previously.
44 Shin Jo-Ho--C--SS 39 175/303/190 213/323/275 Scuffling somewhat.
45 Jarrod Dyson--CF--AAA 45

AA 240/375/240

AAA 302/348/372

338/374/451 Supposed to be amazing defensively but its hard to overcome the anemic bat.
46 Jorge Bonifacio--CF--DSL NR 422/487/609 329/422/472 All I know about him is that he just turned 17 and has very good numbers in the DSL.
47 Ed Lucas--SS--AAA 48 326/404/495 335/40/5237 Continues to hit, would be great to see him get a shot.
48 Mario Santiago--RHP--AA 37 6.9/0.8/2.13 5.3/2.2/3.76 Had a nice month but didn't pitch much, not sure if he's injured.
49 Keaton Hayenga--RHP--LowA 43 3.6/2.9/4.65 3.5/3.9/5.23 Marginally better numbers in July.
50 Yowil Espinal--2B--SS 26 303/378/414 306/372/388 Realized I forgot him, should be ranked around #40


Dropped off: Alex Llanos-#40, Alex Caldera--#44, Jerico Blanco--#46, Dusty Odenbach--#47 Scott Fletcher--#50


Player(s) of the Month:Eric Hosmer has quieted the concerns about his power.  Moving to AA (and the Natural's home park) has helped but it should be noted he's hitting great on the road (988 OPS) while being superhuman at home (1380 OPS).  The Hos should be able to hit for average, with a good number of walks (he has more walks than K's this year) and now hit for power while playing a good 1B.  I would still like to see what he could do in the OF, but the Royals show no inclination to try that.  Also, Johnny Giavotella had a great month.  He's had a decent average all year with some walks but started to hit for more power in July.  I've always liked this kid--I think the bat will be useful but he has to be able to handle second base.