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Kansas City Royals Tighten Grip On Fourth Place With Taut Victory Over The Indians

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The Royals stayed two games ahead of the Indians today thanks to a 6-2 victory in Cleveland.

  • Bruce Chen was decent. His outing was pretty nondescript all the way around. He allowed two runs in six innings against a bad lineup. What is there to say? I guess perhaps we should start thinking about if we want Chen in the rotation next year. I guess.
  • The Royals got three scoreless innings from the bullpen. Including a clean sheet from Jesse Everyday Chavez.
  • Blake Wood struck out the side? This happened? Insert "he doubled his career strikeout total" joke here.
  • Gregor Blanco and Wilson Betemit both walked three times today. Can't remember the last time that's happened with two Royals. Usually it takes an entire series to get two players up to three walks.
  • MITCH!
  • Brayan!
  • Alex Gordon and Kila both had errors. I hope Dayton was playing golf after church today and missed it.