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Random Royals I Kinda Miss Having Around

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  • Donnie Sadler: One of the worst baseball players of all time. Did you know he randomly played a game with the '07 Diamondbacks? He batted once in a May 12 game. A lifetime .546 OPS.
  • Shawn Sedlacek: I think this guy had awesome stuff on a video game I played a few times. A classic fin de siecle Royal. Made 14 starts for the 2002 Royals... and that was his big league career. In my mind he still has a great pitch. I think.
  • Brandon Berger: Came up at a time when the Royals were actually cranking out good hitters.
  • Darrell May: Had a weird career, ended up surfacing with the Royals in 2002. Got really lucky in 2003 and had a perfectly timed career year for the magical Royals.
  • Nate Field & Shawn Camp: When I started blogging, I could never keep these guys straight. Both ended up pitching quite a bit for the 2004 Royals. Camp, who was a 28 year old Rookie in 2004, actually emerged as a fairly useful bullpen arm, and is still around. Nate Field, on the other hand, threw 16 MLB innings after 2004, and appears to be out of baseball.
  • Calvin Pickering: Of all the internet/AAA heroes, Pickering actually delivered a little at the Major League level. In 35 games with the '04 Royals, Pickering hit 7 homers, and slugged .500. Small sample, sure, but also in line with his entire life as a gigantic guy who could hit. Pickering controversially won the 1B/DH job over Ken Harvey in 2005, then after 7 games was gone. Never understood any aspect of that scenario.
  • Jason Smith: He had some pop in his bat. Or so I thought.
  • Odalis Perez: Despised him initially, but eventually I figured out why he was around. He was a bad contract taken on in order to get more/better prospects back in the Dessens trade. Totally sucked, but just did his thing, start after start. Was probably the least talked about Royal starter of the internet era. No one ever analyzed anything he did. No one cared. In the end, it was stress free. 38 stress free starts.