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Royals Drop Series In Seattle; The DyNEDsty Continues

It's going to take time. That's how I feel about Ned Yost and the supposed "youth movement" that's kinda sorta going on with the Royals right now. When it comes down to it, the Royals are still a pretty misguided organization and a pretty cowardly one at that. We just saw Dayton have a really good fortnight, but that doesn't mean everything's going to be logical right away. This is the Royals. Alex Gordon and Kila are just pups... just 26 year old pups. Playing them too much would just be insane.

Anyway, I really shouldn't be too negative about the lineup today. Pena got a start, albeit at DH, and we were also spared from seeing Yuni in the lineup. Nevertheless...

I have no idea why Willie Bloomquist has become a sure thing in the lineup whenever the Royals face a left-hander, but it's clearly something that Yost believes in. Bloomquist is a career .270/.333/.364 hitter against southpaws, which I guess is "good" or something. Any time you can get that .700 OPS bat into the lineup, even if its a meaningless game against the Mariners in August, you do it.

Sure, Gordon's numbers against lefties are worse (.218/.285/.368) but they also, still, don't mean much. 41% of Gordon's Major League PAs are still from his rookie year and 80% are from years 1-2. I know everyone's convinced Gordon's future is now set in stone, but the fact remains that, at the Major League level, he essentially hasn't played in two seasons. His platoon splits are no where close to being defined, and even if he hits .000/.000/.000 against lefties the rest of this season, it's better for everyone that he gets those chances than Willie Bloomquist. I dunno, maybe I'm crazy for wishing Gordon could simply be treated like beloved team mascot not matter what, Chris Getz. Oh, and you can cross apply all of this to Kila as well. 

Obviously, with some guys, the men in charge are always going to fixate on what they can't do. Always. With others (Getz, Willie, Kendall, Yuni) the focus is going to be on whatever it is they (supposedly) do well. Fun.

Frankly, I still don't think Gordon & Kila have a future with the Royals. I think that decision has already been made at some level, so I don't know why I care. We'll have more stopgaps in this winter, and probably another trade. There might be a youth movement in a few years, but I don't see one coming, full scale, any time soon. Not when great options like Willie Bloomquist are around.