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The 2009 Royals No Longer Exist

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The 2009 season was increasingly long ago in Royals land. Take a look at last year's Opening Day lineup:

C: Miguel Olivo (gone)

1B: Mike Jacobs (gone)

2B: Mark Teahen (yes this happened, also gone)

3B: Alex Gordon (gone and sorta back, but now a OF)

SS: Mike Aviles (vaguely around, not taken seriously as a SS option)

LF: David DeJesus (moved to RF, was going to be gone, injured and gone anyway)

CF: Coco Crisp (gone, barely lasted two months)

RF: Jose Guillen (gone, finally)

DH: Billy Butler (still around)

Only Butler, Aviles, and Gordon are still on the active roster, and only Butler really has a firm place in the team's immediate future. All three of the remaining guys have also changed positions.

The 2009 bench, has also been decimated. Gone are John Buck, Alberto Callaspo (became a starter), and Tony Pena Jr., along with random backups Josh Anderson, Ryan Freel, Luis Hernandez, and Tug Hulett.

The pitching staff has been a little more stable, but not hugely so. By innings pitched in 2009, guys that we can consider gone are: Gil Meche (129 IP), Jamey Wright (79), Sidney Ponson (58), Roman Colon (50), Juan Cruz (50), Ron Mahay (41), Kyle Farnsworth (37), John Bale (28), Ho-Ram (22), Lenny DiNardo (21), Yabuta (14), Carlos Rosa (10), and Doug Weachter (5). It's not like Luke Hochevar and Lerew are fully around either. Anyway, all told, that's 544 gone innings, 38% of last season's total.

Of course, many of these changes are not recent. The 2009 team disintegrated rapidly, and was further broken down in the off-season. I don't know what the real point of all this is, other than perhaps we spend way too much time talking about guys who end up being pretty transient.