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Royals Lead the Majors in Singles

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The Royals offense has generated 19 more singles than the Rangers as of yesterday to lead the majors. This stat should be a sign that the offense is decent and should be scoring a few runs. So why are the Royals the 23rd in the league in scoring with 4.07 runs per game, 0.35 runs per game below the league average?

Anyone following the Royals this season will know know the answer to the question. The Royals can not hit for power or draw a walk when compared to the rest of the league. Here is a graph of the all the teams in the league comparing the total bases from hits (each doubles count as 2 bases, etc), walks and net stolen bases.


The Royal's totals when just looking at singles, doubles and triples makes them look decent, but once walks and home runs are counted, their rank begins to drop dramatically. Here is how the Royals stand in each category:

1B 2B 3B HR BB SB-CS Total Bases
Rank 1 20 16 27 27 15 20

Being 27th in both home runs and walks is not going to cut it if the Royals want to see any offensive improvement.