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Royals Trade Willie Bloomquist To The Reds: A Pointless Era Ends

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A pointless trade for a nothing player with nothing likely coming back in return. Willie Bloomquist is a Red.

I never understood the theory. I never saw the utility in this utility player. What's the benefit to playing a bunch of positions if you hit like a middle infielder at all of them? A bad middle infielder?

He supposedly hustled all the time, except when he didn't. Only then, nobody cared. Anyway.

It was never about Willie, although I did come to find his "I'm forming a bobsled team with Kendall" thing just a little too cute. Of course those two guys would become best buds. No really though, it was never about Willie. He's just an overpaid guy with a life and a family probably and a bunch of bros and I'm sure everyone absolutely adores him. In the end, or really from the beginning, I just couldn't stand the way everyone with a pen or a microphone talked about Willie. There's a certain kind of fan or pundit that just has to tell you about how valuable Willie Bloomquist is. They think that it proves how smart they are, how much they know about the game. And that's fine. If they want to love Willie, let 'em. Really though, I don't need to hear about it three times a week. I just don't.

Bloomquist was/is an all-batting average hitter... who doesn't post good batting averages. That was always the most amazing thing to me. It wasn't even like he hit an empty .300. He hit an empty .265. In 649 PAs as a Royal he hit .265/.305/.364. What else is there to say?

Actually, there's one last thing. Have his zillion incremental playing time bonuses already been paid or are the Reds going to be on the hook for them? I think that every time Willie touches a bat, the Royals have to send him another $5 dollar bill tucked inside a Hallmark card.