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Who Leads the Royals in RBIs?

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Who leads the Royals in RBIs? Who are the top three? Do you have any idea?

Who leads the AL in RBIs? (Or RsBI or whatever.) Who leads the NL?

Do you still follow this stat at all? I really don't. Not trying to be polemical about it, just admitting something. I have no idea about RBIs anymore. I simply don't pay attention one way or the other. Wins are just about the same, though at the extremes, I have some awareness. RBIs just aren't something I care about as a fan, so I've just gradually lost an awareness of them. I don't value the information they provide, and I'm busy and have a lot on my mind, so they just don't make the cut. (I'm the same about uniform numbers... totally ignorant and not interested about any player's number.)

Where do you come out on this issue?