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Royals Hold On, Win Game Number 61 In 2010

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The Royals are 61-87. Proudly, 61-87.

  • It was nice to see the Royals respond from an early 3-0 deficit to win 6-4 in rousing fashion. And by see, I mean, "it was nice to check the score three times online during the game, after remembering around the 4th inning a Royals game was being played."
  • Ned Yost, well and Trey Hillman too, really enjoy PRing for Billy Butler. It's like the go to managerial move for 2010. I feel like every third day during March, there must have been an organizational meeting entitled "Billy Butler is slow" with Gibbons delivering an innovative, 15-part, power point, about how slow he is. There are a few things the Royals believe in with more certainty than that Billy Butler is slow. Of course, every second day there was an organizational meeting entitled, "Yuni Bentancourt: more awesome things you didn't know."
  • Kila has 15 walks, Yuni has 17. This could get interesting.
  • I go days without noticing that Gregor Blanco is around. Days.
  • Gil Meche's ERA is under 6.00 now! Glad he's stuck it out!
  • I guess we should say something about Luke Hochevar. I've already established I missed the game, but his box score numbers look ok-enough. I still really don't know what the future holds for him. At the same time, I think that if he was just a guy, and not "the number one overall pick back in the 2006 draft" we'd probably look at his career, and his potential, much differently. Where are you at on Hochevar?