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Royals Fall To Tigers

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  • Something of a blah start from Zack. Ugh. What a season. Greinke hasn't really been bad at all, in fact, he's still been pretty good. But the team is horrible and he hasn't been the best pitcher in the game and it just isn't the same. I'm saying this without looking at the numbers closely, but when you get down to it, he's more or less been 95% as good as he was last year, when you factor out luck. Oh well, he's two good starts to open next season from occasioning a zillion "he's the next Saberhagen! he alternates!" comments.
  • Yuni went 4-4 and hit a homer. Yay. He rules.
  • Once again, someone PRed for Billy Butler. We needed Dyson to make it a 7-6 loss with his speed, should the precise right circumstances arise. Gotta keep the pressure on.
  • Wilson Betemit has a .320 batting average.
  • Mike Aviles had two more hits. Oh, what the hell. It's the Royals. They had a bazillion hits.