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Royals Drop Three of Four In Cleveland, Last Place Finish Now Likely

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The Royals took game one of this series, then dropped the next three games. Well then.

Can this season just end?

I want to point out that Billy Butler was on-base five times today (three hits, two walks) and that, as I love, he was lifted for a PR in the 9th inning. Yost has to do this at least twice a week or he gets fined. And then Kila GIDPed to end the game. Tribe Pride again in Cleveland.

Mike Aviles homered, singled, and stole a base. He's probably saved his career, to an extent, with this September.

Josh Fields played in his ninth game of the season. I think that Teahen/Getz/Fields trade just worked out well for everybody. Just two good GMs putting their heads together and finding a deal that helps both sides.