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The Royals Bullpen - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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With the season winding down, I decided to look at how the bullpen did for the season. To put it simply, it wasn't pretty. I have decided to group them as Good (relatively), Bad and Ugly. For each stat, I have the stat and how the Royals rank compared to the rest of the league.

The Good (Royals rank in the top half of the league)


Saves Rank Shutdowns Rank
42 8 124 8

Saves - If there was one stat Ned and Trey loved to accumulate was saves. Soria was only person that was trusted to get some outs for this season.

Shutdowns (description) - Having a large number of shutdowns is good because at least the relief pitchers are pitching decent in some of the chances they are given.

The Bad (Royals ranked in the bottom half of the league, but not in the bottom 5 teams)


BB/9 Rank Meltdowns Rank SD/MD Rank
3.8 17 70 21 1.77 15

BB/9 - I actually expected this to be a little higher. It is not great, be some of the relievers just seemed to love to increase the complexity of the situation by walking the lead off hitter each inning.

Meltdowns and SD/MD - Now a better picture can be drawn of the shutdown numbers. With a bad pitching staff, the relievers are going to many opportunities to excel or screw up. The key here is the SD/MD ratio, which puts us at the league average.

Blow Saves Rank IP Rank
20 24 473.2 23

Blow Saves - 6th highest in blown saves. 20 of them. I don't remember Soria messing up that many of them and no one else really got a chance for a save, so I looked who accumulated these 20 blown saves.

Tejeda - 6
Wood - 4
Soria - 2
Farnsworth - 2
Parrish - 2
Cruz - 1
Chavez - 1
Thompson - 1
Mendoza - 1

Wow, that really tested my memory of our pen. I don't even remember Parrish pitching for us this season.

Innings Pitched - Our pen pitched pitched a ton of innings this year. This value is more of indicator of how bad our starters were this season.

The Ugly (Royals ranked in the bottom 5 teams in the league)


K/9 Rank HR/9 Rank ERA Rank FIP Rank xFIP Rank
6.71 26 1.05 25 4.58 26 4.53 28 4.67 28

K/9 and HR/9 - Has this team reverted back to the Allard Baird days of "pitching to contact". Little walks, low strikeouts, and tons of home runs. Wait, that could also describe the starting pitchers also. They just seem to blend together.

ERA/FIP/xFIP - Well, with all 3 values being almost the same there is no saying that the bullpen was unlucky or the park effected their values. Basically, it was Christmas every time they came into to pitch.

Remember when one of Dayton Moore's strengths was building a decent bull pen. Ah man, the good old days.