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Beta Testing - Poll on Top Royals Prospects

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kcscoliny has been going through the minor league prospects and having us pick the top one available.   I was going to try a different method once he is done to see how the results differ, but I am not sure if the method will work.  The poll I want to do will be for each person to put in their top 10 players and see the final of each at each level.  I am going to use Google Docs to track and record the results.  I want to have a test run before actually doing an official vote.   So if anyone has the time, please take the poll No need to vote anymore.  I have collected enough data.

Kansas City Prospect Voting

I know not every possible prospect is added, but I added the ones mentioned so far by kcsoliny.   Thanks for your time and any suggestions would be great.


  • One problem I currently see is that once a person is selected they are still available for other choices.  I will be able to delete these entries later, so at least they will be dealt with.
  • I will have a place holder for each selection relating to the selection
  • I have collected the data and it looks like this method will work good to collect the data.  I will wait for kcscoliny to finish his list and then I will run this one.