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Billy Butler is Slow. In Other News, Grass is Green

I know that Billy has never been fleet of foot, but last night he looked ridiculously slow running to 1B.  Watch for yourself:

I have timed it a few times and it seems it was 5 seconds to get to first base.  Besides, taking a while to get to first to prevent the double play and extent the game, he looked completely winded before he got to first.  After 20 freaking yards he was gassed. Remember this a 24 year old professional athlete.  I have played with 50 year olds in city league softball leagues that run faster and have more endurance than Billy.  

Billy could easily be the slowest player in the majors, but how does he actually stack up against his peers.  I looked at the 35 leaders in doubles over the last 3 years.  I was amazed that hitting 118 doubles has led to only 1 triple, so I wanted to compare him to other double hitters.

Rank Name 2B  3B 3B/(2B+3B)
1 Billy Butler 118 1 0.8%
2 Jorge Cantu 112 1 0.9%
2 Jose Lopez 112 1 0.9%
4 Albert Pujols 127 2 1.6%
5 Brian McCann 102 2 1.9%
6 Mark Teixeira 119 3 2.5%
7 Miguel Cabrera 115 3 2.5%
8 Adrian Beltre 105 3 2.8%
9 Dustin Pedroia 127 4 3.1%
10 Miguel Tejada 110 4 3.5%

Billy is number #1 in something besides that streak of a hits in consecutive series's  (most stupid record ever, period).  Another way to measure his speed would be the stolen bases he at least attempts.  Using this same group of batters, here is how he stack up:

Rank Name SB Attemps
1 Justin Morneau 1
2 Billy Butler 2
3 Lyle Overbay 4
4 Mark Teixeira 5
5 Jhonny Peralta 7
5 Adam LaRoche 7
7 Jorge Cantu 12
7 Joe Mauer 12
9 Miguel Cabrera 15
9 Derrek Lee 15

At least he doesn't lead this group.  Progress.  Make sure you note future Royal Lyle Overbay is in the #3 position.

Finally,how does Billy's rank in his greatest strength, GiDP, within this group of batters:

Rank Name GDP
1 Miguel Tejada 77
2 Billy Butler 74
3 Albert Pujols 62
4 Derrek Lee 62
4 Alex Rios 62
6 Jose Lopez 59
6 Robinson Cano 59
8 Jhonny Peralta 57
9 Michael Young 56
10 Miguel Cabrera 55
10 Adrian Beltre 55

That was close, glad Billy could hit into less double plays than 36 year old Miguel Tejaha. 

Do you think I beat the dead horse enough? 


Probably, but I see no reason for him to be this slow and out of shape.  Would a 3 mile run a day end of killing him?  Well, possibly if he did it without working his way up, but can he at least get in good enough shape to run 20 yards without being winded.   I love Billy's hitting, but he could add a ton of value to himself if he just got his butt in shape.