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Royals Hang On, Defeat Rays 3-2

I'm glad that bad start in Cleveland isn't the way the season ended for Zack Greinke.

Greinke was great tonight, as the Royals held on to defeat the Rays 3-2. Greinke allowed just two runs, while striking out nine Devil Rays. This hasn't been a repeat of 2009, but make no mistake about it: dude is still good.

It's cool having Zack on our team.

Actually, it's cool having Soria around too. Ho-hum, another save. This was a real one too... protecting a one-run lead against a good team, against a dangerous part of their order. The blown save stat isn't really one of the 200 best measures of a pitcher's performance out there, but Soria hasn't blown a save since May 6th. Yea.