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Don't Expect Much of the AL Central on Sunday Night Baseball in 2011

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ESPN has released their partial schedule/selection for Sunday Night Baseball. April, May, and part of... July are locked down, while June and August/September at still TBD. We can list the appearances by the AL Central the long way or the short way. OK, let's go with the long way:

Interestingly, the NL Central gets a decent amount of exposure, with a Reds-Cardinals game as well as a Reds-Braves tilt. That suggests, at some level, that the AL Central getting shut out is somewhat random and not merely a calculated result of having the Yankees/Sawks/Phillies in every telecast. I do expect that the White Sox & Twins will eventually get a Sunday Night game, for whatever that's worth.

I'm not a huge fan of the treatment given the Sunday Night Game, to be honest. Making every other game a day game is a burden once the weather turns hot and brings an element of monotony to the schedule that just isn't needed.