Royals Review TV: Episode 1 (Just Like Greinke, I Quit on the Royals Too)

This episode is brought to you by the Boulevard Smokestack Series (Harvest Dance, in particular). This project has tested my patience, sobriety, and 6-year old Compaq desktop severely. I also had a Ray Peterson moment where I realized lounging around in PJs during my holiday vacation time working on this was much more pleasant than "going up to the lake" or out to holiday parties, etc.

I did not intend to single out fishbowl72 and NYRoyal, but the "Just Like Greinke, I Quit on the Royals" thread struck a chord with me. This is merely a dramatization of that thread, and is not intended to represent any actual event, person, place or entity. I disclaim any likeness or similarities to actual events, people, places, or entities, and any such likeness or similarities are unintentional and purely coincidental. I bet NYRoyal really does wear smiley-face boxers, though.

Just Like Greinke, I Quit on the Royals (via gilgour42)

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