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Happy Royals Digital Digest Day!

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Tonight, on Fanfest Eve, the Royals Digital Digest Contest/Event thing will take place:

This program is a chance for those tracking and talking about the Royals' every move through technological means to meet the men they discuss and gain greater insight into their thoughts on the 2011 season and the club's direction. It's an intriguing opportunity as social media becomes a bigger part of fans' appreciation of the game.

I believe that Dayton Moore, Ned Yost, Billy Butler and Jeff Francoeur will take questions. Interesting group.

I know a couple of regular posters here will be a part of it, as well as, as far as I can remember, someone from just about all of the most regular Royals blogs. Although Jeff or I won't be a part of the Digital Digest (neither one of us applied) I really hope that it goes well... for both sides tonight. Although I initially thought the contest was going to be more fan-based and less blogger-heavy (it is debatable if there is a difference) it looks like the Royals selected a small group of dedicated folks. May they ask interesting, respectful questions, and have a good time.