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The New Members of the 2011 Royals React to the Prospect of Seeing "No Strings Attached"

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Alcides Escobar: "Romantic comedies disguised as non-romantic comedies? You just diagnosed this hero's fatal flaw. I'm in."

Vin Mazzaro: "I played with a guy in Oakland... Santiago Something... dude knew Barry Zito back in the day. He had some stories. And that was before Barry got paid."

Lorenzo Cain: "Joey Gathright hooked me up with a bootleg copy last month. So no."

Jeff Francis: "Sounds like a wonderful vehicle to begin Ashton Kutcher's inevitable mini-comeback. He seems like he's matured a little, can laugh at himself and recognizes the absurdity of it all. He'll never win an Oscar, but he can act more than people think."

Jeremy Jeffress: "Wait... what? No... Strings... Attached... No Strings Attached... I thought people on Craigslist wanted to be spies?"

Melky Cabrera: "No thanks, friend. I'm doing this thing where I stop all my pop culture engagement at 2006. So far it's worked."

Jeff Francoeur: "Yea, definitely. I love all of Katherine Heigl's movies."

Nathan Adcock: "Is there nudity?"