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Major League Baseball Grants 31st Franchise to Mystery

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After being tired of years of hearing Jon Heyman reports of free agent interest from a mystery team, Bud Selig has decided to grant a team to Mystery. Some details of the Mystery team are still a mystery like where the team is located, a mystery, who is the owner, a mystery, or even what league they will be in, another mystery. At least now teams know some information of the other team when reports begin to surface, kinda.


"We have been looking to finally clear up the confusion of the Mystery team. Players and general managers have been asking for years who this team was that was after Scott Boras clients and now we know.", stated Selig.


The one item that is known is that the team plans on filling its roster with Players To Be Named Later. These PTBNLs are involved with many trades, but never seem to be able to make anyone's roster. After hearing of the expansion plans, The Player To Be Named Later was quoted saying, "It is finally nice to have a place to go where I won't just be the token player added into a meaningless trade."


It is just not the teams that are finally happy about the change, mayors of cities now know who they are competing against when a team owner is rumored to be moving the team to a new mystery town.

The current Mayor of Tampa Florida, Pam Iorio, stated, "It is finally nice to know which town is looking at our team and how we can quickly utilize our resources to belittle them.