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Getting to Know Royals Catcher Ryan Eigsti

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Scrolling through the list of Spring Training invitees, a stunningly high number of names, at least for me, were total unknowns. Even for a now hyped system like the one owned by the Royals, there's just so many names, so many generic baseball dudes out there, you can sorta lose yourself in it. Much like you could lose yourself in the deep blue pools that are Anthony Lerew's eyes.

So until five minutes ago, I had no idea who Ryan Eigsti was. Still, he'll be in camp, for a few weeks, for a bad team, in roughly three months. So let's start learning.

  • Ryan is a catcher. That's really fact one here. Spring Training camps need catchers like officer camps in the British Army used to need snuff. So Ryan Eigsti, come on down.
  • Eigsti played college ball at Bradley.
  • Ryan will be 25 next season. Drafted in the 15th round in 2007, Ryan has made it as far as AA in his baseball life. 
  • His career line in the minors is .209/.307/.309. But hey, did we mention that he's one of the guys who catches?
  • Eigsti is about as anonymous as they come. One of the more detailed, um, comments, I could find about him, is a comment from this site.
  • Eigsti suffered some kind of injury in 2010 (fractured forearm?), prior to making it to NWA. So he has that in his favor. 
  • He was actually in camp last year. Used mostly as a live body, Eigsti played in one real Spring Training game. He batted once, striking out.
  • I'm sure someone here actually knows about Eigsti and probably has an opinion on him. Please share.