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Remembering Josh Fields

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The Royals acquired Josh Fields in the winter of 2009, with Fields coming over as part of the Mark Teahen trade. From the beginning, no one was quite sure what the point of bringing in Fields was and as that off-season got more baffling, it became even less apparent. Was Fields a throw in or was that Getz? (Always the sign of a great trade when both players you acquire might be toss-in afterthoughts.) It was probably Getz. Probably. But there was that little issue of Chris Getz being terrible. Maybe they wanted Fields. Or did they?

Fields made life easy for the Royals with an early season injury that everyone thought was probably fake, only he was then sidelined for months. Months later, after Alberto Callaspo, Scotty Pods, and Dick Ankiel had all been traded, after Brian Anderson had quit trying to be a position player and after David DeJesus has injured his wrist, there was room for Fields to play. He debuted as a Royal on Sept 3 and played occasionally during the season's final month.

His time as a Royal was so utterly pointless that no one really noticed it, but he wasn't that bad. Fields posted a .810 OPS in 13 games with the 2010 Royals, hitting to the tune of a .302/.320/.490 line in 50 PAs. A classic Dayton Royal, he needed an out-of-nowhere .302 batting average to post a still substandard .320 OBP. Solid.

After a quasi-good 2007 season in which he hit .244/.308/.480 in 418 PAs with the White Sox, Fields's career has gone nowhere. Between 2008-10, Fields stepped to the plate just 353 times for the White Sox and Royals. Now a Pirate, he appears to be set on the tried and true he played for eight franchises in ten years career path. He's got some power and those 23 HRs he hit with the '07 White Sox will open doors for him the next decade as a minor league FA and Spring Training invitee. It's almost guaranteed he'll be an Athletic before 2014.

For me, Fields is a nice shorthand for a hopefully ending era. He was half-famous, a quarter-useful, and just kinda there for awhile, as whatever logic the Royals had at 3B/DH/4th OF worked itself out during a bizarre 2010. He was also a true blue good ole boy, Oklahoma native, and vocal FCA type. I'm sure he made a big impression during Fanfest. And then we forgot or never quite discerned why he was around. And then he played 13 games after we'd all checked out. Thusly, let us remember dear Josh Fields, a Kansas City Royal in 2010.