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Saturday Playoff Baseball Open Thread

Last night's Yankees-Tigers postponement was a downer, but the upside is that we've got four games today.

  • Arizona v Milwaukee at 2 PM EST: Are the Diamondbacks good? Did I miss a meeting on this? Bloomquist v. Yuni in an epic battle of worthlessness. I am pulling hard for the Brewers this fall.
  • Cardinals v Phillies at 5 PM: Kyle Lohse will be a Royal at some point. Gload will explode.
  • Rays v Rangers at 7 PM: Does Nolan Ryan have any kind of role in the Rangers' front office? I President Bush a Rangers fan? I demand answers to these questions.
  • Tigers v Yankees at 8:30 PM: Joe Sheehan has made the point that the Tigers actually have the biggest advantages in the non-Verlander games, because there's a huge dropoff for Yankees starters in the non-Sabathia games. Still, the Buster Olney/Jayyyyyson Stark troop have elevated Verlander into a mythical figure... and now this series is all out of wack anyway. Fun times.