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Sunday MLB Playoffs Open Thread

With Game One all I really feel is "yay, this series is starting!" Now that we move on to Game Twos, these matchups really take on a competitive character.

  • Tigers at Yankees: We get to see our first glimpse of the Yankees' rotation randoms in the postseason. Can Freddy/ie Garcia be effective? The Tigers counter with the baffling Max Scherzer, who will either throw a two-hitter or leave in the second inning.
  • Diamondbacks at Brewers: Am I the only one that is nervous for Greinke's start?
  • Cardinals at Phillies: Rany Jazayerli and Joe Sheehan both picked St. Louis on the grounds that a) the Cards can score runs b) the Phillie offense is sliding and c) the Cards had the bullpen to match up late in games, which TLR would and should use aggressively. Last night, that all played out, except TLR left Lohse in long enough to lose the game.