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Friday Royals Talk: Dutton Praises Michael Young, Says He Could Have Been a Royal

I don't know if I could have survived the last decade if Michael Young had been around. Then again, he would have taught me so much about life, that maybe I wouldn't be a miserable failure. Today's impossible question: better leader: Francoeur, Young, or Kendall?

In other news, Royal Heritage looks back at the KC A's era, talk of the Cardinals' collapse in Game 2, Drays Bay breaks the Friedman-Angels news, a fascinating discussion of long-term diabolical trusts, Trotsky, and so much more.



  • Rangers fans feel at ease among Cardinal Nation
  • Bernie: Cards' incredible ride stalls
  • Breaking: Andrew Friedman Seen Dining With Angels Owner Arte Moreno - DRaysBay

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